Phone Locator
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Description Phone Locator is a \"find my phone\" app. Phone Locator will listen for a text from another phone or a specially formatted text sent from our server at You may use the website to find your phone, or you can simply send a text to this phone from another phone in the form \'phone locator password\', where password is the password you set for Phone Locator. You may also use \'phone locator-silent password\' if you wish to learn the location of the phone without causing it to beep. The phone will respond by beeping (regardless if the phone is in vibrate or silent mode, unless -silent was used) and by sending a text and link reporting its location. The website can also be used to locate your phone, with a map showing its location. The program does not need to be actively running to work, and does not consume any battery power while waiting for a location request. This app uses text messaging and data services (1 text message to locate the phone from either the website or another phone, and either a text reply or data message to the website), which may incur charges on your phone bill.


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